Chris Zhang

Project Lead

Chris Zhang

Experience summary


Chris has expertise in IT strategy and business transformation, including across program & project management, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement. Chris has delivered large scale projects a broad range of federal sector clients, including DISER, Home Affairs, Services Australia and NIAA.

Career highlights

  • Led the delivery of a Federal Government Information Management System through shaping the program governance and individual stream strategies (including user acceptance, testing, data migration, and benefits realisation).
  • Delivered a portfolio health check for a Federal Government agency including delivering a refreshed demand management and project prioritisation framework to promote investment aligned to the long-term strategy.
  • Developed a technology enabled strategy for a not-for-profit organisation that provided a framework for how technology could mitigate upcoming threats and enable the organisations growth across its key strategic growth areas.
  • Supported the end to end delivery of a Federal Government CRM solution from design through to cutover. Chris’ contributions included requirements gathering, managing user acceptance testing, shaping the data migration / product verification testing approach and establishing the future release schedule and process.
  • Performed a governance review for a program of work co-owned across multiple government agencies. This included operationalisation of a program management framework and reporting toolkit to provide greater executive visibility of the program risks and progress.

More about me

Chris loves watching and playing team sports. He is passionate about the Canberra Raiders and watches most games with his equally passionate family. He is a part of a number of sporting teams, including a tennis team with ConceptSix’s Max Neidermeier (who plays as a lower seed).

Chris Zhang
ConceptSix’s ‘Rule 6’ mantra aligns to my preferred way of working – taking an authentic and cheerful approach to delivering a great outcome.