Julie Vinh


Julie Vinh

Experience summary


Julie has over 5 years’ consulting experience and has held a broad set of roles across medium to large scale transformation projects within Government, including but not limited to strategic planning, change and communications management, business analysis, cost planning and risk management. With her technical background and customer-centric approach, she bridges the gap between technology and business.

Career highlights

  • Supported a government agency's uplift of enterprise service technologies through assessment of platform and product options, and procurement activities.
  • Led readiness and transition activities for the HR, Finance, and Planning & Operations functions to support adoption of a new ERP solution for a Government agency's capability acquisition and sustainment function.
  • Developed a cost model and costings, and funding framework to support a business comeback for a new Whole-of-Government platform and operating model.
  • Led the development and delivery of a communications strategy across a government agency's project management function, to support deployment of a new project performance review process and tool.
  • Conducted reviews for two hospitals transitioning from their existing record system to the new, state-wide integrated electronic system.

More about me

Armed with a fork in one hand and a weightlifting bar in the other, Julie embarks on a valiant mission to conquer the culinary world while still fitting into her clothes. She’s also weirdly good at Taiko no Tatsujin.

Julie Vinh
I love that leadership involves the whole team in decisions that have an impact on the firm's growth, culture and ways of working. I feel like I'm growing with the firm, and the firm is growing with me.