Tim O'Sullivan


Tim O'Sullivan

Experience summary


With more than nine years of experience in leading and supporting national projects, Tim has refined his skills in financial analysis, workforce capability, and strategy. He is adept at shaping and spearheading the delivery of strategies, operating models, system designs, change management initiatives, business process improvements, and data projects.

Career highlights

Tim has worked with a diverse range of federal and state government bodies, as well as large private organisations.

  • He collaborated on the design of a workforce plan for a significant, nationwide strategic capability project. This involved developing target state workforce data, along with managing communications with senior leaders and engaging a broad range stakeholders.
  • Tim also led the facilitation of strategic workshops for a state government entity, contributing to the development of key recommendations for development of long-term capability.
  • Additionally, he supported the creation of gateway review artefacts for a substantial commonwealth funding project. His assistance was instrumental in helping the project achieve gateway success and meet senior executive expectations.

More about me

Tim enjoys hiking and bike riding with his family and Labrador Banjo. He is a fan of the Brumbies, Raiders and Tottenham (COYS).

Tim O'Sullivan
I've found that the smaller scale of operations at ConceptSix allows for remarkable flexibility and creativity in our projects, enabling us to tailor our services uniquely to each client. This personal touch not only enhances client satisfaction but also enriches our work experience.