Government Client

Empowering strategic delivery with a high-impact ways of working strategy for better software development

A large government agency was revitalising their technology strategy and identified the need for a Ways of Working sub-strategy to support their overarching vision.

The Ways of Working sub-strategy was one of the major and more complex sub-strategies sitting under the agency’s technology strategy. It had touch points across the software delivery lifecycle and the broader technology environment.

We were asked to prepare a strategy that addressed the significant scale, complexity, and integration of Ways of Working across their technology services group. This included development of a blueprint depicting future Ways of Working in software development throughout the organisation.

We provided clarity on the key high-impact activities that would provide immediate value

  • Aligned stakeholders to agree on the importance of standardising Ways of Working across the business and technology services group.
  • Depicted a high-level process map and journey for software delivery, highlighting areas of change and showing interactions between key stakeholders and teams.
  • Developed a five-year roadmap showing the implementation pathway needed to optimise success.
  • Identified metrics to measure success as well as the key dependencies with other sub-strategies that were needed to enable future Ways of Working.
The Ways of Working strategy drove meaningful change across the agency. It aligned the leadership team to optimise the flow of work across the group and improve delivery practices. The implementation of the strategy uplifted all phases of delivery, from large transformational changes through to simpler maintenance activities. It also drove cultural and behavioural change to embed the new Ways of Working for lasting change.‍