Government Client

Transforming Australia’s key platform for accessing Government services

Government wanted to improve the way people interact with digital government services through myGov

myGov was no longer meeting the needs of customers and was operating on aging legacy technology. In a global context, myGov was not keeping pace with comparable platforms across the world. As the primary digital access point for government services, it was in need of a significant technology refresh and transformation to make it simpler for customers to access services.

We were asked to provide strategic support to uplift the myGov platform and operations.

We led critical strategic activities across the breadth of the transformation

  • Developed the Second Pass Business Case to secure funding, with a clear scope, architecture and implementation plan for the $200m+ program.
  • Implemented a sourcing strategy by establishing a systems integration panel, and procured a Digital Experience Platform which included scoping, requirements, negotiations, and successful transition in for vendor services.
  • Mobilised the program, including establishing resources for both the platform delivery and the mobile app teams.
  • Led the strategy, plan and execution, stakeholder engagement and governance of the transition-in and go-live for both the myGov platform and the myGov app.
  • Led the strategy, design and development of the myGov operating model and of whole-of-government engagement.
The agency successfully released the Enhanced myGov platform on time and budget. This was followed shortly after by the launch of the myGov app. These platforms improved the lives of millions of Australians by making it easier to access government services reliably and securely.